Dry Eyes - IPL Therapy

What is IPL Treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light is a flash-lamp that emits a high burst of light that penetrates and rejuvenates the surrounding tissues. This ensures proper oil gland production and decreases inflammation, both key factors in Dry Eye Disease.

What is LLLT Mask?

Low Level Light Treatment mask is a non-invasive treatment that uses special designed LED lights to deliver a focused light of a specific color that targets the cell to stimulate regrowth.

Why IPL & LLLT Mask?

Both Dry Eye IPL & LLLT mask treatments target the underlying cause of Dry Eye Disease, rather than the symptoms. By dealing with the root cause of the disease, IPL reduces your dependency on eye drops and other remedies.

Is IPL a Laser? Does it Hurt?

No. IPL uses a broader range of intense light of a different wavelength that makes it safer and more gentle. You may experience some redness and a little discomfort in the treated areas but they are mild and usually only last a few minutes or hours after treatment.

What Does it Cost? Does Insurance Cover it?

Insurance does not cover IPL or LLLT mask. Both have been used medically for over 10 years but only recently have been discovered to improve the lives of Dry Eye patients. Both IPL and LLLT work best when performed with 3 sessions that are 3 weeks apart. $900 includes all three treatments. This is less than the cost of a year's supply of prescription dry eye drops.

Will I Still Need to Use Drops After Treatment?

IPL and LLLT work to treat the underlying problem of Dry Eye Disease, rather than the symptoms, so you can decrease the frequency of drops. If, after a long time, you feel your symptoms returning, you may need an extra session of IPL.

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